Sectional Sofa: How to Pick the Right One

It’s important to take size, materials, patterns, color, and cost into account when you’re choosing the best sectional sofa for your lifestyle and needs. Here are some tips to help you pick the right fit for your home.


A large part of your decision in choosing a sectional sofa will depend on how much space it will take up. Take some measurements of the space you intend to place it in and ensure that the sectional sofa you’ve selected fits where you want it to before buying it! It won’t do you much good to have your new sofa sitting outside.

Space can also determine what shape of couch you want. A curved style sectional sofa is super elegant, but not the best for small rooms. Depending on what your room layout is, an L-Shape sectional sofa might be the best fit for you, or maybe you just want a moveable ottoman. Whatever style you choose, make sure you don’t lack the space to use it! Drawing out a floor-plan can be a great way to test this out.


You want to make sure your sectional sofa is an appropriate material for your lifestyle and preference. Maybe you enjoy softer materials and want a sectional sofa on the fluffy side. Maybe you have little kids running about, and you need a material that is a bit more mess-proof than that. The last thing you need is to be uncomfortable or have your new sectional sofa ruined after a spill. We recommend leather as the safest choice since it is the most durable around small children and animals.


Get an idea of what your budget should be. The bright side of choosing a sectional sofa is that you likely won’t need to buy extra chairs or loveseats because they have lots of space! Keep this in mind when setting the budget for your sectional sofa, because they do tend to be a bit more expensive than regular couches. Buying any sort of furniture can be costly, but sectional sofas are a worthy investment and can last you a long time.

Pattern & Color

It’s also important to pick a pattern and color that goes well with your room. If your living room walls are pink, maybe you want to avoid buying a bright red couch. On the other hand, if your room is mostly blacks and whites, a red couch can be a great accent to the space.

Patterns can be crucial, too. If you have one pattern on your walls, and another pattern on your couch, things can feel a bit busy. Try to pick couch patterns that complement those of your rooms, and solid colored sectionals are always a safe bet, too.


How does the couch make you feel? Can you picture this sectional sofa in your home? Are you excited about it? It’s critical that you love the couch you’re going to buy. After all, it will likely be in your home for years to come! Pick a couch that you feel good about, and that you can picture yourself using every day.